Chile's Vaccination Program

Paola Sepúlveda is a vaccine storage staff member in Concepción and also an expert in epidemiology. She affirmed the importance of Haier Biomedical's ULT Freezer in the construction of the vaccine cold chain.

It is worth mentioning that the freezer used for vaccine storage in Chile is Haier Biomedical's ULT Freezer DW-86L959BPT. It has a 10-inch smart full-size touch screen, and the advanced user interface (UI) design coupled with a sample management system can provide the optimal user experience and user-to-machine interaction. The hydrocarbon (HC) and variable frequency drive refrigeration system has superior energy-savings performance, achieving ultra-low power consumption while ensuring temperature uniformity of ±3°C (setting temperature at -80°C). The Internet of Things (IoT) software system can provide simplified sample management experience and smart storage, achieving precise sample identification which ensures sample safety and reliability.

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