Clean Bench & Laminar Flow

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Clean Bench & Laminar Flow

Clean Bench & Laminar Flow(Horizental)

Efficient damp-proof and fire-proof glass fibre HEPA filter, typical efficiency of ≥99.99%. for ≥0.3μm particulate.

ISO14644.1 Class 5 Standard, air cleanliness exceeds that required for Class 5 clean air applications.

The industry’s first innovated pre-cleaning function pre-cleans the working area before sample handling to further improve sample/product protection.

Clean Bench & Laminar Flow(Vertical)

Recessed internal lighting reduces eye fatigue.

UV sterilization start-up delay technology prevents injury by UV light. After the UV lamp switch is pressed down, the audible and visual alarm will be activated to remind the operator to leave in time;

Pre-set function: This technology includes a pre-set UV sterilization start-up delay function to provide improved working efficiency.